FGR Rooflight

FGR is part of the F Geo Robinson building group serving Coventry, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands.

COVID Update – National lockdown 2021

FGR Rooflights  continue to work in homes and businesses and are compliant with current legislation

We anticipate disruption to programmed works during this time, please bear with us

We are adopting  safe working practices for our operatives and customers

If we due to work in your premises please click through to this link for our COVID working arrangements. 

 Working arrangements during the pandemic

Your quote and survey

  • Please complete the online quote form and give as much information and send photos
  • We will prepare an initial desktop quotation for your consideration.
  • If the initial quote is in line with your expectations we will arrange a video meeting and survey. Please use your mobile device so we can have a walk around together
  • If you are not able do work with the above, only then and willingly will we arrange a site survey

Working in your premises

  • Clear the working area and access route before we arrive and be prepared not to access the rooms we are in while the installation is taking place


  • Do not offer refreshments to the operatives during works, they will have their own supplies of food and drink.


  • If you need to enter the work area and access route to answer or ask a question please wear face coverings


  • Our operatives will wear face coverings when accessing and travelling through your property to the work area, but we do not require them to use face coverings in the work area itself as the area is necessarily well ventilated whilst removing and installing the window. We ask that you make your presence known to the operatives before entering the working area so that they can ensure they are protected.


  • Please provide a dedicated toilet and handwashing facility for the operatives.
    We do have a portable camping toilet for extreme circumstances, the logistics of use being difficult.

  • If you present with symptoms within 10 days of the work YOU MUST LET US KNOW.
    We will rearrange and book you back in as soon as the quarantine period is over.


  • YOU MUST inform us if you develop symptoms within 10 days of completion of works, so we can self isolate ourselves from our other clients.